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Random Press

The Sheet No 2 Sam Peckinpah

Doeller & Satter

The Sheet No 2

Back in the days when Hollywood wasn’t (or at least was not that much) the self-in-dulgent, smug and silicon-packed place it has now become – think of the Academy Awards’ supercharged event apparatus and its stupefying predictability – there was a director as tough and archetypal as Death Valley rock beds. Sam Peckinpah, hardboiled cowboy and visionary of present day action cinema, was the limb of Satan among Hollywood moviemakers.

The Sheet is a monothematic fanzine by Michael Satter and Joseph Möller dedicated to icons, movements and visions.

Din A4, 4 Pages
Offset printed
Random Press, May 2013

EUR 5,00 (incl. 19% VAT/Mwst.)
plus Shipping Charges

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